Quit smoking- It's All About Your Determination And Will Power

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It is quite tough for a smoker to leave his/her?beloved. After all beloved is the one whom we cannot leave at any cost,?at even our cost of life. But, do not you think that this beloved of?yours is slowly but steadily destroying you. All the smokers are very?well aware of all these things, but still they love to have it. The best?way to put an end to this growing menace is by putting an end to its?manufacturers.

?Putting an end to its manufacturing is not possible, as the manufacturers are earning millions of dollars from these stupid smokers. We all know there will be no end of smokers until there are cigarettes available. In the same manner, as long as there are smokers, there are also the smokers who want to get rid of this bad habit. Interestingly, many counselors, doctors and?companies are offering new ways of quitting this poison. Similarly,?smokers are also of different varieties. If certain?idea is effective on?one smoker that does not mean this idea will work on the other smoker?also. If such a thing happens then there will be no smoker in the world.?There will be only one treatment that will be help the smoker in getting?rid of it. The problem is that if something works for one smoker then it?is not sure that it will also work for the other smoker. This is one of?the main causes behind the ever-increasing smokers in the world.

Many researches on medicines that will be helpful in quit smoking by the?major drug manufacturers, has not given the desired results. Millions of?dollars have been spent on the invention of new medicines that will be?helpful for smokers. However, this huge effort is only helpful for 20 to?50 percent of smokers. These drugs are quite fruitful in quitting?smoking habits permanently, but as earlier said that there are different?varieties of smokers. On some smokers these drugs works, but on others,?they are simply useless.

After reading this, do not get disheartened. If someone is able to quit?smoke with the drugs is fine. On the other hand, if you are unable to quit smoking then try some other way. There are millions of ways available, only?thing that one needs, is the attitude or your determination. If your determination?is strong and approaching with right attitude, then nothing in the world is impossible.

You are determined now that you are going to get rid of this bad habit. Now,?nothing is impossible for you, as you have this much-needed will power?and attitude. Go ahead, as there are many paths in front of you and?there must be one path that will lead you to your destination.?Therefore, the best way to quit smoking is the way that suits you. Your?work is to keep trying until you succeed. Thus, never get disappointed?that you are unable to quit smoking even after several attempts. Just?tread along this path steadily and one day you will surely get rid of?this bad habit. You must have heard, ?Slow and steady wins the race?.