Are You Going 'Cold Turkey'?

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Are you having trouble quitting? Remember, quitting is not easy. Most of the people finally quit after several tries and agree to the fact that quitting smoke has been very tough.

One very popular method for quitting is what is known as 'cold turkey'. The term 'cold turkey' defines the state of withdrawing from drug addiction such as heroin. The term means quitting abruptly, often without preparation. It does not mean gradual reduction in the number of cigarettes smoked but impromptu cessation.

It may be the most popular and well known method that smokers choose for quitting smoke, but it definitely is not the most successful one. It is also the most challenging method as it does have difficulties associated with it. The difficulties may be a result of severity of the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. The new ex-smokers who quit through this method say that it is the most straining experience of their life.

However if you keep the following things in mind, you may be able to double your chances of quitting by going 'cold turkey':
1) While you are drinking coffee, tea or wine
2) While you are in the company of other smokers
3) While you are driving
4) While you are talking on the phone or alike

Using 'cold turkey' method to quit smoking is associated with tremendous will power. While having a superhuman will power is important, it will get success depending upon how badly you want to quit and whether you believe you can do it or not. If you think you can, nothing can come in your way.