Fix a Date to Quit Smoking and abide by it!

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All of us know that smoking is injurious to health. So do a large number of smokers. Many smokers? want to overcome the habit, but they either they lack the will power or do not know the correct method that could help them to quit smoking.

There are a number of medications and other aids available in the market which could help the smoker to quit smoking. The most important thing for any smoker is to have the will power and dedication required to quit.

Quit smoking on 13th does not necessarily refer to the 13th of a month as a date from which we should quit smoking. It just means, as a smoker, you should set yourself a date, which could be your birthday or any other important date and make a strong commitment to quit smoking from that day onwards.

Certain measures could be taken to make his commitment stronger:

* The selected day should not be too far off. No point in setting your target date too far away.
* The selected day should be marked on the calendar and always visible to you.
* Inform family and friends. They will remind you to stick up to your commitment.
* Try to ensure that the date coincides with hectic professional or social engagements. This will keep you busy and remind you less of your addiction.
* Startup an exercise program. Be consistent. Exercise moderately in the beginning and then increase intensity gradually.
?* Be inventive and creative. Take up a hobby or something to occupy you during spare time.

All kinds of quit smoking medications and substitutes can be of assistance if you resolve to quit smoking. It will be difficult in the beginning but will power, dedication, family and friend support will keep you going. Fixing up a date to quit smoking will give you a sense of direction and purpose.