How To Be Determined About Kicking The Habit.

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It is really very hard to actually put your resolve to quit smoking, into practice. In fact, it is one of the hardest of commitments that a smoker ever makes to himself.

I have many bad habits. Alcohol addiction is one of my bad habits. I found that it is difficult to quit smoking. I found it hard enough to make a commitment to quit. After that I found it even harder to quit.

Before making a final decision to quit smoking, I thought of quitting it 4 times. This is one of the major problems with smokers. They want to quit but they cannot make a determined decision. The off the cuff decision does not work, as it hardly motivates them to quit. This leads them to a very difficult situation.
Even after having quit, they start smoking again. They never set their minds to quit smoking for good. There is a major difference between a person who quits smoking for good and who quits the same for a limited period. The first type of? person who quits smoking permanently has a great will power and determination. Such a person makes up his mind that he will go in for the deadly habit of smoking again.

You also can have an informed and determined decision to quit. You need to convince yourself how much you actually hate cigarettes. In my process to quit smoking, I pasted some messages in and around the house. These messages were quite convincing. One of the messages read that I do not want to die early. This is the reason that I want to quit. I used to smoke on the terrace garden. It was very difficult for me to stay for long without a smoke. I pasted another message reminding me of my grandfather, who had died of emphysema. These messages acted as warning posts to me. I definitely received a lot of negative and positive encouragement from these messages.

If you want to quit smoking, I recommend that you do so, cold turkey. It is painful, long drawn out and cleanses your body of nicotine.

Avoid drinking beverages like Coffee, which raise your desire to smoke.

In the final analysis however, it is entirely up to you, the smoker, to give up smoking.