Make Quitting Smoking A Reality

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Quitting smoking is an art. Making quitting a reality is not far once you earn a strong and sincere WILL to STOP SMOKING. I will share a real story of one of my close friends who at last succeeded to cease cigarette smoking. Often he used to argue, ?if everybody quits smoking, what will happen to the tobacco industry? Millions of employees will be retrenched!?

?What a perverted style of argument! I used to reply.

One day when he told me his new found quest to quit smoking I asked him, ?what happened? Why you want to quit smoking? Why are you now thinking about the reverse gear, all of sudden?

After hearing him, I analyzed his situation. Perhaps numerous smokers all over the word who smoke have common reasons for smoking and quitting. When they start it, they do so, perhaps due to the pleasant pressure put on them by their peer group. They never think that the matter could go that far! And finally after years of tobacco smoking, when the family doctor warns about the worsening condition of their heart, it shows the strains of crack. The pain faced might soon become a mild attack of stroke. So they decide to be very careful now!

After this encounter with the heart specialist, quitting smoking is no more a passing thought in the mind, but becomes a sincere goal to accomplish! All smokers have heard about nicotine, but only after spending their years in the company of cigarettes they realize that it can cause this much damage to them!

Hearing all this, now you might be amazed and sorry to know that nicotine is not an ordinary addictive- it is as hard and damage causing enemy as heroin and cocaine.

Not to get frustrated and desperate is the rule number one in your efforts to quit smoking Because, nicotine is a very powerful enemy and after years of smoking it gets deeply entrenched in your blood cells. Therefore, be ready for its counterattack! Be ready to face and tackle dizziness, depression, irritation, frustration, anger, headache, restlessness, trouble in reading and concentration. But your efforts to quit smoking, is worth its weight in gold. For apart from the attack you had, you have suffered enough on account of nasal irritation, running nose, watery eyes, sneezing, throat irritation, coughing and much more.

So you have a brilliant thought within you to quit smoking! As the wise saying goes, when the thoughts are changed, the mind is changed. When the mind is changed, the man is changed. When the man is changed, the society is changed. Well, the entire society of millions of smokers is waiting for you to give them the lead.

?Have a happy ending to your quit smoking resolution which is going to become a reality this time, hopefully.