Quit Smoking ? Do You Really Want To Quit?

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The main thing that one should keep in mind to quit smoking is determination. One needs to analyze if he really wants to quit smoking. Many people say that they can quit smoking any time. While, there are others who need proper support. They do not get the proper support. Sometimes, many easy things are projected as difficult by the people.

Smoking cold turkey is a short and sharp method to quit smoking. When body leaves nicotine, there could be nausea and a sense of irritation. This lasts for three to four days. These symptoms last just for the time till the body is free from all nicotine contents. Determination is needed to overcome craving. The real pain is only for a month. After that, you are free as a bird.

The main problem with smoking is that people do not want to give it up. They are hooked. When nicotine goes inside, it switches on the receptors of the brain. This releases neuro transmitter dopamine. This is a chemical that gives a feeling of complete pleasure. Nicotine also gives a push to concentration levels. This is the reason why many businessmen and students smoke before crucial business meetings and examinations. If the neurotransmitters in brain are balanced, it improves mood, ability and the capacity to focus.

People who suffer from diseases like depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer, and Parkinson?s disease, have nicotine contents, but, not in the form of smoking. Many drug companies are doing research on nicotine that can help the mankind in the pure organic form. Nicotine is dangerous in the form of cigarette; otherwise it is a good health product.

In its purest form, it is non-toxic. Billions of people take nicotine on a daily basis in the form of potatoes, red chilies, tomatoes, and some varieties of teas. It is advisable to drink nicotine, in pure form, through water. It is an alternate method of relief to the smokers.