Quit Smoking Product: Nicotine Inhaler

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Nicotine replacement products are available in the market in different forms. These products help you in kicking the habit which you are not able to kick even after several tries. There are some products which are more consistent and effective than others. Some products produce more consistent results against smoking than other products. One such product associated with smoking cessation is nicotine inhaler.

Nicotine inhaler requires you to use the same hand to mouth motion of smoking cigarette thereby permitting you to receive some nicotine in the mouth. A cartridge is hidden inside the device. When you smoke from the device, nicotine vapor is released from the device in to your mouth. You have to be careful in using it. Do not inhale the nicotine vapor to your lungs. Hold the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds and then blow it out. Nicotine is absorbed by the linings in your mouth and the throat.

Like other quit smoking products, nicotine inhaler has its share of advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of nicotine inhaler are as follows:
1) You can control the doses. You can take it as per your requirement.
2) It is usable for more than one try.
3) It will keep your mouth and hands busy.

There are some disadvantages of nicotine inhaler as well. They are:
1) You can suffer from coughing.
2) Its use may cause mouth and throat irritation.
3) You can suffer from nausea or dizziness if you take more nicotine than the prescribed limit.

The nicotine inhaler is often prescribed for use for six to twelve weeks. Most people use more than six cartridges a day and gradually reduce the amount. People suffering from asthma should not use the product. It is best to abstain from smoking if you are using the product. Ultimately, the success of your smoking cessation program depends upon your will power and this inhaler is just a help.