Quit Smoking: Set An Ideal

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Whatever may be the means, be sure to achieve?the end. Undertake the quit smoking mission yourself to teach and advice?others. It is like setting yourself up as an ideal for others.

You know the dangers of smoking. You may have tried to quit it?for several times. But you still can not. So, you admit that you are a?nicotine addict. Then why do you feel worried about your dear ones who?are also victims at the hands of this habit? Is this not what we call?hypocrisy?

So why give others a chance to criticize you? Quit the?habit so that you are able to set an example for yourself as well as for?those around you. Prove them that you are not a hypocrite. Let not your?children follow your footsteps that are not going to lead them?anywhere.Apart from doing good to yourself, you are also preventing?others from getting affected by secondhand smoke. This will certainly?make you feel good.

You can take the help of different?medications and therapies to quit smoking. By quitting, you will set up?an example and may even lure others to follow you.