Stop Smoking Programs- New Methods for Quitting the Cancer sticks

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Nicotine addiction is a reality for tens of thousands?of people in our country and in the world. Stop smoking programs are?abundant and are there to assist the smoker to quit successfully in a?reasonable amount of time, and offer support and advice when it gets?tough. It is easy to start but not easy to stop smoking. Many smokers?stop more than once before they are finally able to quite for good. They?try different stop smoking programs until they find one that works for?them. It also depends greatly on how long the person has been smoking?and how motivated they are to quit. Some people may find themselves?diagnosed with a chronic or deadly illness, like emphysema, chronic?obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or even lung cancer. This should?motivate people to quit immediately ?cold turkey? but sometimes it just?isn?t enough. Smoking is so highly addictive that people choose to feed?their nicotine addiction before they address their medical issues.

There are quite a few stop smoking programs available to those?who want to stop smoking. A health care professional should be consulted?first for advice regarding which stop smoking program, or combination?thereof, would be most beneficial. If a smoker has enough motivation and?support from family and friends to do it on his or her own, then?nicotine gum, patches, or pills could be tried first. Many people choose?to join stop smoking programs such as Nicotine Anonymous, which is based?on the traditional 12-step philosophy. There is also private and group?counseling available to people who need more intensive support. A number?of online stop smoking program options are also available consisting of?therapy and support forums, herbal supplements, pills, and other?potions. Be sure to research these stop smoking programs well before you?expend any funds on something that just isn?t going to work for you.

Whatever?stop smoking program you choose is only as effective as your desire to?quit. Without motivation to change your habits and lifestyle, your?efforts will be for nothing. Plan a stop smoking program ahead of time.?Pick a date to quit and get your support system in place. Plan how you?are going to deal with temptation in social settings and times of?stress, since this is probably when you have the greatest desire to?smoke. A stop smoking program can be very successful if it is planned?and adhered to by the person who wants to quit. Mind over matter, right??Next time go for a brisk walk or call a friend instead of lighting up,?your lungs will thank you. Good Luck!!