Three Struggles You Will Have To Face Before You Quit Smoking

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Giving up smoking is not easy for sure. In fact, the very idea of giving up the comfort that smoking brings in can be quite terrifying. There are numerous challenges that you have to deal with when trying to give up the habit. However, there are three main struggles that you will have to face before you are able to kick the butt forever.

Finding your temptation everywhere
When you are trying to quit smoking, you will realize that you are able to find cigarettes almost everywhere. There are already too many people who are addicted to smoking. However, you will find this number multiplying when you are trying to quit. But, this is nothing more than just a work of your own creative imagination. Since you are constantly thinking about cigarettes, you are sure to see them everywhere.

Try to avoid situations or events where you will find smokers. Consider eating alone during the lunch or avoiding smokers during the party. Steer clear of situations that entice you to smoke and you will find the cravings reduce too.

Dealing with the question
The minute you tell someone that you are trying to give up the habit, you are sure to have a 'why' coming your way. After asking this question repeatedly for a number of times, you may begin to question your decision. However, an argument with yourself will put an end to the questioning.

All you need to do is talk to yourself. Put a list of arguments that you have in favor of your decision. Reaffirm the reason that compelled you to quit and you will find yourself being less nagged by the question.

Selecting the best quit smoking aid for yourself
There are numerous quit smoking aids available in the market. You may find it difficult to browse through numerous aids and then choose one that best meets your needs. The best aid will depend upon your reasons for smoking.

If you have been smoking purely because of stress or anxiety, then you need to tackle the problem. You can use nicotine gums or patches that will help you slowly wean off the habit. While you choose the right quit smoking aid for yourself, it is important that you do not get addicted to the aid in the process. So, make sure that you use these aids judiciously.

Being aware of these three struggles will put you in a better position to deal with the difficulties that lie in the process. Consider these struggles and formulate a 'quit smoking' plan that deals with them too and you will be able to bid adieu to the habit for sure.