Advertisements Appealing For A Life Free From Smoke

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Attention! all smokers out there, ''Leave smoking or else you'll have to leave your life''. This is a bitter truth but the fact is that smoking can certainly lead to death. So, a need of awareness should be created among the smokers for quitting smoking. To play an important role for this purpose, anti smoking advertisements are very handy. Advertisements act as a rich source of creating awareness or appealing for ''No Smoking'' as it is one of the powerful and widespread medium. Smoking has many adverse effects on younger and older people. In fact, the first puff starts at a teen age which slowly becomes a habit for a lifetime. For more information on its effect on younger people just read Advertisements appealing life free from smoke

Most of the anti smoking advertisements and campaigns should target this group as this group is the most slippery one to pick up this addiction. Smoking reduces young peoples' physical fitness in terms of stamina, durability and performance.

On an average, a teenage smoker who smokes a pack of cigarettes and more and continues with it through his life, lives almost 7 years less than a non-smoker. So, there is no one reason worth enough to have a cigarette on your lips. Therefore, smoking cessation for younger people is very important which they can do by looking out for suitable stop smoking programs and smoking products. Also, some quit smoking help should be given to them for easy quitting. So, lead an anti tobacco life from today onwards.