Advertisements Promoting Anti Smoking Appeal

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There is a real need for creating awareness about quit smoking by exposing the various harmful effects of this habit which are engulfing millions of people world over. But, how is it gonna be done? Well, you can certainly do that either with the help of campaigns, posters, advertisements and lots more. Several anti smoking advertisements have come which strongly demand the viewers to quit smoking due to various adverse effects of it. These advertisements act as a rich source for creating awareness among the people for the need of stopping smoking. Smoking cessation should be shown in the advertisements in such a way that it may generate a strong effect on the smokers by highlighting the harmful effects of cigarette smoke. To access more information on the related topic just read Some Harmful Components Of Cigarette Smoke

The advertisement should showcase the ill effects of cigarette smoke as it contains tar, which is made up of more than 4000 chemicals including around 60 known carcinogenic chemicals. Some of the deadly chemicals found in your cigarette smoke are Cyanide, Benzene, Formaldehyde, Methanol, Acetylene, Ammonia. All these chemicals are very deadly for your health. Therefore the anti smoking advertisements should emphasize on cigarette smoke as it also contains some poisonous gases like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. The advertisement should contain a punch line of this kind like ''stop smoking else stop living'' as smoking would ultimately lead to death.

Several anti smoking programs are there for stopping smoking. Also there are various smoking aids, smoking products and many other ways to quit the smoking habits. So, these should get some space in advertisements.