Campaign Posters For Anti Smoking

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Various anti smoking campaign posters are used for exposing the harmful effects of smoking on the people. Many social organizations meant for this purpose are suppose to create general awareness among the people. These organizations' main aim is to convert maximum number of smokers to non- smokers by exposing the real tough effects of it and the means to fight them. These anti smoking campaign posters can target a particular section like older people and correlate the effects of smoking on them. For more information on the effects of smoking on older people just read Smoking And Oldies

Older smokers tend to be heavier smokers and they are more likely to suffer from smoking related diseases. The worst thing is that older people are less likely to believe that smoking causes harm to their health. But they definitely are at risk and may suffer from many diseases.

Cigarette smokers are twice more likely to acquire dementia of any kind and Alzheimer's disease than a non-smoker. Smoking among older people results in high level of nicotine dependence and lifelong psychological dependence on smoking.

So, campaigns targeting this group should also provide the ways to quit the habit by supplying information about appropriate smoking cessation programs and smoking products. These anti smoke campaigns should generate enough impact to influence the smoker to quit smoke. Remember, that it is never too late to stop smoking as benefits of quitting in older age include improvement in blood circulation which reduces the chances of stroke and heart attacks.