Cartoons For Quitting Smoking

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Majority of the smokers are mostly adults or youngsters but it may be possible that small children or kids may try to imitate the habit of adults and start smoking cigarettes. But, that would affect the health of these children adversely at an early age and thus put their life at stake. So, in order to keep the children away from smoking, certain anti smoking cartoons can be very handy as kids are fond of cartoons. Conveying the message of smoking cessation through them would definitely be a better choice than other mediums. To get more information on harmful effects of smoking on children just read Children Should Quit Smoking

Small children can be the easy victims of smoking as they are not mature and try to do same things as their elders does. So, anti smoking cartoons should be exposed in such a way that they depict the bad face of smoking by supplying some facts like a young adult generally breathes 15 to 16 times a minute while a child breathes more than that as a result the lungs of the children include a greater percentage of inhaled toxins than those of the adults. Another fact is that children exposed to extremely murky condition for an hour inhale enough deadly materials which is equal to smoking 10 cigarettes. So, children should quit smoke by taking some anti smoking help from their parents or various anti smoking programs and smoking products for stopping smoking to lead an anti tobacco life.