Celebs! Plz Dont Smoke For The Societys Sake

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Smoking is dangerous for health, still we are unable to resist our urge to smoke. Addicted people rarely tend to give up. Despite incessant efforts by government and various NGOs any considerable fall in the number of smokers hasn't been noticed.

Now, when a celebrity happens to smoke all these anti-smoking efforts go in a vain. These celebrities whether on screen or off screen are considered to be the role models for the society. Particularly, young generation derives its ambition, life style and mannerism from these celebrities. They are very much fascinated by all the acts and deeds of these stars. So, celebrity smoking may result in to more younger ones getting addicted to cigarettes.

Celebrity's have a mass appeal over society and they are considered to be the agenda setters for the society so, it's obvious that their bad habits would also affect society. In all nations, this celeb smoking has turned out to be an impediment for anti-smoking drives. Contrarily, if these celebrities get enrolled for campaigning against smoking, they are bound to create a positive effect.

Celebs must realize their responsibility towards society and must avoid smoking on screen or before media crew. If they can't give up their habit, they can at least shy away from smoking amidst public glare.