How to Kick the Habit

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Every smoker knows that smoking is injurious to health, probably from the very first puff. It is easy to start and become a smoker. It is very difficult when it comes to quitting.

Smokers come to quitting only when the habit becomes hazardous for their health. They face an uphill task as their bodies and minds have become enslaved to the addiction. They suffer from withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to quit. It actually becomes a challenge for them to quit.

There is no definite way a smoker can kick the habit. No aid or medication can help the smoker, until the smoker has the will and determination to quit.. Totally relying upon the aid or nicotine substitute can result in an addiction to the aid; there should be a sincere effort to quit.

The withdrawal effects faced by? smokers prevent them from being successful in their efforts when they attempt to quit. There are a number of nicotine replacement substitutes that are available to manage the withdrawal symptoms. In order to put in place a plan to quit smoking, a smoker should consult a doctor who can provide relevant advice as to which nicotine replacement aid would be best suitable. This is done after considering the level of physiological and psychological addiction.

A smoker could feel demotivated if there was a lack of atmosphere to help and provide moral support during the process of quitting.? Family and friends play an important role in making a suitable atmosphere and environment.

Many other difficulties, big or small may come in the smoker?s way. The smoker needs to overcome all of them to reach to a point where smoking is no longer considered an option. It all boils down to the smoker?s will and determination.