Loneliness and the Smoking Habit

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The effects of loneliness are as distressing as that of any other disease or illness. A lonely person feels depressed at times, when not surrounded by family or friends. In order to get away from his loneliness he starts smoking, gets addicted, and finds that he has become a victim.

There are many people who work alone and because of a combination of work pressure and loneliness might easily succumb to the very transient solace company that cigarettes provide.

In such conditions a smoker should try to keep busy. Participating in a sport or hobby sport will divert the smoker?s attention from his routine addiction. The smoker should spend more time with friends. Friends motivate us to quit and spending time with them help us to suppress Nicotine craving.

There are a variety of quit smoking aids available in the market which a smoker can go in for. A doctor will? recommend a suitable aid, in the form of a? gums,patch, injection, pill or any other. The smoker can use any such aid when at work. Smoking aids are designed to provide a smoker with a certain dosage of Nicotine without the harmful effects of cigarette smoke.

A smoker can also make use of yoga and meditation as means to distress.

A smoker who works in a lonely environment finds comfort, no matter how momentarily, in cigarettes.? One of the best ways to reduce dependence on cigarette smoking is to reduce loneliness.