On Screen Smoking: A Real Threat To The Society

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On screen smoking has been a real hot issue and cause of concern in various anti-smoking drives. Even governments in some countries have taken notice of it and have issued censorship over unwanted smoking scenes in movies. However, these prohibitions are loosely regulated.

?On screen tobacco consumption greatly affects the vulnerable adolescent age group. Adolescent folks carry a blind fascination for their favorite stars. If they find their stars smoking on screen, they are most likely to catch up the influence and acquire the habit. And those who don't start smoking may soften their stand on smoking. With this perceptional change, they are likely to become future smokers.

Although film makers argue that they need creative freedom to actualize their needed sequence, they must be discouraged to introduce smoking scenes in their flicks. They must ponder over their responsibility of being the agenda setters for the society and the immense appeal enjoyed by the stars over masses. Setting a bad example for the society is of course not the objective of the cinema.

Immature citizens are more likely to fall prey to these visualizations. Parent's guide reveals that around sixty thousand kids in America acquire this habit just by seeing their favorite star smoke, on screen.

If you fall in the same lot then its high time you must realize that, your temptation to smoke after seeing stars doing the same on screen is nothing but harmful prospect. Reel life is different from real life and it's better if you realize the same!