Relevance Of Anti Smoking Campaigns

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The role of anti smoking campaigns in motivating the smokers for quitting smoking is enormous. So, commencement of anti smoking campaigns in Singapore, America, Australia and other countries is on a high, as these counties comprise of a large number of smokers. Surely, the smokers have to be persuaded to quit smoking. Various anti smoking campaigns persuade the smokers by either exposing the benefits of quitting smoking or the harmful effects of cigarette smoke.

Campaigns exposing the fact related to smoking can help in persuading the smokers against smoking. Campaigns should comprise of the use of various posters, picture and other materials to attract the smokers and motivate them in one way or the other. Any such campaign has to make the smoker realize that it is not impossible to quit smoking. Various campaigns are specially designed to target a particular section of people like youngsters or older people. The campaign can focus on the benefits of quitting that a smoker can enjoy after stopping smoking cigarettes as there are some immediate and some long term benefits arising out of it. For instance, once you quit you'll notice a glow on your face and will be able to breathe better.