Role Of Tv Ads In Anti Smoking

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Your television is surely an effective medium to promote anti smoking thoughts as it is accessible to many. Various anti smoking tv ads can be used to promote anti smoking regime all over the world by exposing the various reasons behind quitting. They should visualize that why one should quit smoke or stop smoking by supplying the reasons and benefits of quitting. For more information on this topic just read Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking

?Tv ads should expose all the harmful effects of smoking on an individual health like:

1) You may not be able to breathe properly if you are a smoker.
2) You may have a nagging cough all day and night.
3) You may suffer from increased rate of hypertension.
4) You may feel anxiety and no relaxation throughout the day.
5) You may have a feeling of inadequacy and substance dependence and many more.

Although many people have their own reasons behind smoking but no reason is an explanation enough to put your life at stake. Also anti smoking tv ads should recommend the correct ways to quit the smoking habit by several smoking programs and smoking products which are effective in eradicating the habit.