Smoking And Anti Smoking In The Past

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Smoking is very common despite a large number of harmful effects associated with it. Smoking started many years back and has a long history behind it, and so is the case with anti smoking campaigns. Smokers in the past had the same reasons as the smokers of today's world have but in the past, smoking was not only in the form of puffing the cigarettes as there were other forms of smoking, like from a pipe or a hookah. Although a number of serious diseases were found to be a result of smoking and to the presence of addictive components in tobacco, smokers didn't used to quit. To know more about why one should give up smoking, read Give Up Smoking And Set An Example For Others.

The history behind anti smoking also comprises of the campaigns against smoking as well. But, these campaigns were less effective then due to less effective mediums of communication. Besides, there were less or no smoking cessation programs and smoking products to help smokers quit smoke. Earlier cigar and pipes were commonly used as a form of smoking and there were some other forms of smoking too, like smoking hashish, bidis and alike. Smoking in all forms is as dangerous. Anti smoking campaigns are therefore, there to help the smokers quit smoking. Giving up smoking is not such a difficult thing anymore, and there are several ways to quit. So, why not try one.