Stop Smoking Guide: Tips On Quitting Smoking

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What you do is not important. How you do, what you do, is important. The same rule is applicable to smoking also. There are many quit smoking programs available. Take any book on how to quit smoking and you get a number of tips on quitting smoking.

But your nicotine addiction knows them all. It knows that such tips are only the tip of the iceberg. Nicotine is like that mighty mass of ice below the ocean which you can not see with the naked eye. The challenge of nicotine is formidable. Yet, you can beat it and own the tile of 'former smoker'.

For your benefit, some of the tips are given below:

Your will power gets the top priority. The fact is proved that nicotine addiction is 80 % psychological and 20 % physiological which means, your determination gets the first vote. If you doubt your own ability, how can you succeed? So, your decision to beat back the cravings needs to be strong and a determined one.

?An idle mind is devil's workshop.? Isn't it? When you sit idle, you feel like lighting up a cigarette. Take time for sports and physical activity. During physical activity, your blood will circulate more and the impurities in it are likely to find an outlet in the form of sweat. You breathe deeply when you exercise, which is good for the body.

Be away from the area of cigarette influence like smoking friends, smoking joints, clubs, parties and alike. If you are halfway through your quit smoking program, you need to be very strict in this regard. This is the transition period. Any latitude will work to your disadvantage. Plan your leisure time very well.

Whenever you feel like lighting a cigarette, do something else. Eat a biscuit or a sandwich. Drink some water. You can go on drinking water in small quantities throughout the day. This will help you a lot.

Advertise about your quit smoking program in an extensive manner. Let your friends know about it. Let them understand your aim. Tell them, that you are taking this step as per medical advise.

Your will power is your strongest point. Many a times, you quit smoking and restart the habit, but this time, you must win. Yes, it is your will power which is guiding you. Let your determination be more and more strong. On the physical front, do yoga and meditation. The power of mediation is so strong, all the negative tendencies, including the nicotine knot on you, will loosen.

Make a list of the reasons that have made you take the decision to quit smoking, in which there is bound to be a reference to some of the killing diseases. Read the list again and again. Human life is too precious to squander on the stubs and ash of cigarettes.

Ensure that your frame of mind is positive, positive and positive again!