What Australia Is Doing To Stop Smoking

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Number of smokers are increasing in Australia, but Australian government and NGOs are collaborating together to deal with this problem. "What Australia is doing to stop smoking" is what people are searching on Internet. Here, you will find some good information on "what Australia is doing to stop smoking".

Number of smokers are increasing all over the world and Australia is also one of those countries where teenagers are getting addicted to tobacco. This is a big reason of worry for Australian Government. They are using various stop smoking ways to quit smoking. For more information on how to stop smoking, read How Can You Stop Smoking.

The number of premature deaths and cases of ill health are increasing just because of smoking. Every year, almost 19,000 people die in Australia because of diseases caused by tobacco. National Tobacco Strategy of Australia is a policy framework in which central government, state governments and NGO's work together to get rid of increasing anger of tobacco addiction. Along with that, there are many anti-tobacco programs that are run by smokers and for smokers. Smokenders is one of these anti smoking programs. These programs and different campaigns are proving as big help for smokers to get rid of habit of smoking.

There are also many treatments, anti-smoking products, stop smoking aids, anti-smoking injection available to help people stop smoking cigarettes. Along with that, there are many therapies like hypnotherapy and laser therapy that also make people quit smoking. So, Australia is moving on the right path towards smoking cessation.