Importance Of Educating Your Child On Smoking

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Studies show adults can quit smoking under care of a counselor and physician. But this possibility is next to impossible with teenagers. Pre- teen age is an age in which we want to gain each and every experience whether good or bad. Our habits start forming at this stage like smoking. Most of us take first puff only to boast it about to our friends and later on it becomes a harmful habit. Some steps can help parents to ensure safety of their child:

?1. Generally a child learns from the habits of his parents. If you are a smoker then the foremost step needs to be taken by you. Get yourself free from the smoking habit and try to figure out the bad effects of smoking in front of your child. If a child sees his parents using good manners like eating healthy food then he is likely to follow those good habits. On the contrary if he sees his parents smoking, he surely takes up that. Only verbal explanation would not help. You have to practically put them.

2. Talk to your kids. You can start with explaining them functions of heart and lungs and how bad habits harm their smooth functioning. Insert a mental picture of the outcomes. Instead of praising the smoking trend, try to criticize actors who smoke in movies and T.V programs. Make sure you do that in front of your kids.

3. Tell him about the harmful effects that smoking leads to like it blocks the bloodstreams, robs the face charm, causes pale look. Try to encourage kids more abut good habits by telling them about its consequences like healthy skin, active body, physical fitness.

4. Help your child to get involve in the activities in which they are interested. A child should learn to develop an optimist point of view towards life. Encourage them to make good friends and not to get involve in bad company. Appreciate your youngsters on their good deeds and also not forget to scold them on their bad ones. Do not pamper them. Your child should be able to judge between right and wrong so they are able to say no to their bad habits when the trying time comes.

5. Spend some good time with your ward. Be aware of your child activities. Talk to him about different topics. Start with asking him how he spent his day. All you need is the tact to handle your kid with care.