Smoking and Youth

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'Smoking is injurious to health? is a very common clich?. Smokers hardly pay any attention to it. Another statement of fact that smokers hardly pay any attention to is? 'Smoking causes gradual death'. Yes it is a slow poison. It is a gradual yet consistent method of killing yourself.

Smoking cigarettes affects almost all parts of the body. It has an impressive, admirable and overwhelming share of? 87 percent in lung cancer deaths. These facts fail to convince smokers. They are insufficient to bring about a change in committed and determined cigarette smokers.

Unfortunately, the youth do not lag behind in their share of world wide cigarette smokers. One fourth of High school children take great pride in smoking. Researches and national surveys have shown that thirty percent of? teenagers smoke throughout their lives and die on account of some or the other? smoking related disease.

Youth who start smoking before the age of twenty one face severe difficulty in giving up smoking.

The possibility of switching to alcohol and other drug addiction increases among the cigarette smoking youth. They are the most vulnerable to develop depressions, strokes and panic attacks. In this country about four thousand young people between the age of twelve to seventeen start smoking and more than one thousand of them become routine smokers.

Young people may take up smoking habit on account of any or a combination of the following reasons.

- Children follow or ape their parents or guardians who smoke.
- No severe steps against children smoking habits.
- Peer pressure
- Glamorization of smoking by Hollywood stars, television or other media.

- Anti smoking messages by Celebrities through interviews, TV programs or advertisement in public interest.
- Youth involvement in Sports activities especially meant for relieving them from smoking.
- Messages disseminated through CDs? and DVDs?.
-Educational Programs and smoking education including group work, discussions and seminars in schools and colleges.
- Public information campaign by mobilizing the college students and non profit organization members and workers.????????????
- Last but not the least, mass media has a very important role to play in curbing this menace of smoking amongst our youth.