Smoking, Child Health and You

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All of us are fully aware of the fact that cigarette smoking is extremely hazardous for our health. In spite of this knowledge there are millions of people throughout the world which are smokers and have various levels of addiction to nicotine.

Now the question is, why and how do we prevent this addiction. It has become a serious issue for a number of countries like Georgia and Ireland and has acquired attention on a priority basis. Some people smoke? as it de-stresses them. Other smoke because they because they think it?s glamorous. One way or the other it becomes a habit.

The effect of smoking is so bad on health that it takes lives.? Smoking plays havoc with the internal organs of the body destroys the body from the inside and causes premature aging and wrinkling of the skin.? Smoking has a very adverse effect on the lungs and the heart.

It is a general nuisance and passive smoke harms those around us. Contrary to popular belief, the effect of passive smoking is as harmful as the effect of smoking on smokers.

A study by researchers from the Warwick Medical School and the University of Leicester concluded that children with at least one parent who smokes have been found to have a 5.5 times higher levels of Cotinine than children of non smokers. Cotinin is a metabolite or byproduct which the body produces when it breaks down Nicotine, This study points out the high level of Nicotine exposure that children of smokers generally face. Cotinine available in such high quantities makes it seem as if the child itself is the smoker. Parental smoking is a leading risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome.

The study should be an eye opener for the increasing number of woman smokers all over the world. The infants who are waiting to come in this world are already infected when in the womb. Serious measures in the form of nicotine, replacement, banning of smoking, psychological counsel and motivation need to be taken up if we are to deal with this menace.