Teen Age Smoking: Tips For Quitting

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Most of the new smokers are teenagers. And you know that teenagers do not smoke due to stress or headache. They mostly smoke for adventure and fun! Whatever be the type of start, nicotine does not mind it. It knows, once you are into the habit you are its slave. Nicotine will be very happy to have such young recruits.

As a new smoker, yours is a soft encounter with the nicotine. By quitting smoking now, you will soon be out of the ill effects of smoking, visible in the later stages of life. Here are some easy tips for the new smokers who wish to quit smoking:

First of all you need to believe that it is very much possible for you to quit smoking with your will power. Make a list of things like changing color of your lips, bad breath, the cost and inconvenience added by it in your life to make your resolution even stronger.

Forget the encouragement of all those good for nothing friends, who goad you to smoke. Make a solid vow that you are going to stop smoking, not from tomorrow, not from today, but just now. Tomorrow never comes, today it will be too late. Let your decision be implemented right from this moment. You are a young man and it is possible for you to take such dramatic decisions! Your craving for the cigarette smoking is without solid roots and therefore you can uproot this habit with little bit of extra effort.

Involve yourself in some vigorous activity. Sports activities improve your metabolism and blood circulation. At the end of the day, you need to feel so tired with constructive activities that you have no time to think about negative tendencies.

Teenage- is the time for good eats, not for the smoke coils. When you get the craving for a cigarette, take a sandwich, burger or your favorite pudding.

Drink small quantities of water several times a day, it will help you quit smoking fast.

Spend time with your smoke-free friends. This will help you dilute your stress and headache which you may experience during the first few days of your giving up of smoking.