Third Hand Smoke Is Dangerous For Your Child

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Most of you would have heard of second hand smoking or passive smoking and the harmful effects it can cause. But, there is yet another danger associated with cigarettes and that is third hand smoke. Third had smoke refers to the smoke that lingers around in a given area even when a person has stopped smoking.

There are so many times when you walk into a room and smell cigarette smoke. You get inside offices and realize that someone has smoked in the vicinity because of the smoke that lingers on. This is known as third hand smoke. It basically refers to the toxic deposits that are left when the cigarette is put out. This term has been coined by the researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children.

Though third hand smoke affects everyone, it is most harmful for children. Even when the cigarette is put out, there are several gases and particles that get deposited on the surroundings. It could be the clothes, the furniture around, the hair of people present or anything else. When anyone comes in contact of these toxins, he may retract these toxins from the surroundings.

This situation is particularly more harmful and risky for smaller children. Young children crawl and touch the objects present in the vicinity. Considering that the immune system of young children is not fully developed, they can easily inhale these toxins and become prone to numerous infections. Thus, third hand smoke could be a serious health hazard especially for children who live in houses shared by smokers.

So, even if you putt off the cigarette when your child is around, you have created an enough toxic environment for him or her. The floor, the air and other objects in the room are infested with the chemicals present in the cigarettes. These toxins pass on to your children, which is harmful for their health.

While your child has no control over the surroundings in which he lives, you certainly can do a lot to make your child's environment smoke free. The best way to ensure that your child lives in a toxin free and safe environment is to quit smoking itself in the first place. Even if you are smoking outside the house, your hair, clothes etc attract toxins which can be easily transferred to your child when he comes close to you.

However, if you can't give up the habit completely, you can at least prohibit smoking inside the household. This will reduce the dangers associated with third hand smoke to quite an extent. At least, the surroundings in your home will not be toxicated.

If you love your child then make sure that you kick the butt at the earliest.