Tobacco Tempting Teens? How To Talk To Your Kids About This Bad Habit

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The best preventative measures that you can take as a parent is to have the knowledge available with yourself to give to your teen, about smoking. This will allow them to make a conscious decision about what smoking does and causes. If you talk to them about this bad habit, they are less likely to fall into the peer pressure of smoking.

?One of the things that you can tell a teen which will help to prevent them from smoking is to let them know what cigarettes are made of and what chemicals they are inhaling. Tar is one of the chemicals that are used for cigarettes. Another type of chemical used in cigarettes is hydrogen cyanide. This is the same chemical that is used to kill rats and was used during World War II to help with the mass killings that were taking place. Benzene, a chemical used for gasoline, is also in cigarettes. Acetone, a nail polish remover is another chemical that is dominant in cigarettes. Nicotine, which is the chemical that causes the addiction of tobacco, is also in cigarettes. If you tell your teens what they are inhaling, it may help in preventing the temptations of beginning to smoke by peers.

Another strategy that can be used with knowledge to help your teenagers to stay away from smoking is to be direct about what smoking can do to their health. Being direct about facts that include death rates and smoke related illnesses will help your children to recognize the down-falls of smoking. Lung cancer, statistics on deaths from smoking, and health related issues that are concerned with smoking can all be used as tools to help your teenagers see the other side of what tobacco can cause.

Being a youth is a time where self-image and self-esteem begin to develop. This has caused tobacco use among teenagers to be an easy means for getting youth addicted to smoking. Teenagers will look at media images, which portray smoking as acceptable. They will then see this reflected through peer groups. Often times? youth will begin to smoke because of what they see through the environment around them. You can easily move them away from these images by helping teens to develop their own self-image and confidence. By contradicting this image with allowing them to see their own self-confidence and move away from the idea of what smoking means as portrayed by others, it will be easier for them to say no.

One of the major reasons why teenagers begin to smoke is because of the peer pressure that is consistently around them to try smoking. Because of this, you should think of effective methods to go against the peer pressure around them. For example, you can help your teenager to stay away from smoking as a habit by practicing situations and scenarios with them that will allow them to learn to say no and build their self-image. Role playing and discussing different ways for them to overcome peer pressure will help your teenager to learn an alternative method to being pressured into smoking?