Top 5 Truths About Teen Smoking

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Smoking is one vice that everyone should steer clear of- whether they're an adult or an adolescent. The increasing amount of teenage smokers in particular, has become a great cause of concern for parents around the country and most find it difficult to come to terms with the same. Fortunately, it is possible to influence kids into giving up the deadly habit. And to do so, one must be familiar with the top 5 truths about teen smoking.

In the U.S. alone, about 3000 teenagers take up the smoking habit each day. So, it's not something that one can choose to ignore or attribute to the neighbor's kids. Your child could be just as vulnerable to the problem and may eventually take it up with or without informing you. The glamorous ads as well as peer pressure serve as lures for the young who find it difficult to resist the call of 'the cool'. Being a good athlete or academician also does very little to dissuade them from taking up the habit.

Most smokers admit to having had their first smoke before graduating from high school. So, if your teen hasn't started smoking before graduation, chances are he/she never will. If you want your child to follow suit, you must start influencing him/her about the same during the high school years.

Teenage is a time of emotional turbulence and uncertainty. As a result, most adolescents turn to vices such as drinking and smoking in a bid to make sense of it all. You can prevent them from doing so though, by working on their self esteem and building up their resilience. Most teens smoke to emulate someone they admire, lose weight or overcome stress. You can help with all these issues by facilitating friendships, shaping a healthy body image and providing support during traumatic circumstances.

As a parent, you're also required to be vocal about your thoughts on smoking. While your teen may seem more inclined to listen to his friends and peers about most things; he/she will almost always turn to you to learn about values. You should make use of the opportunity to voice your misgivings about smoking and the reasons behind it. However, steer clear of using scare tactics and simply elaborate on facts to convey the same.

If your teenager's addicted to smoking; you should ideally get professional help to deal with the same. Simply asking them to quit is not enough. Instead, you should ask a doctor or a counselor to assist you with the problem and help your kid come to terms with it. You're likely to have greater success at getting your teen off the nasty habit by doing so.

So, do go ahead and use these truths to win the battle against teen smoking and safeguard your child against a habit that could eventually prove to be fatal.