What If Children Smoke

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The phrase ''anti smoking and kids'' depicts the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes on the health of the kids both in the case of active and passive smoking as children are facing a higher risk from tobacco smoke apart from the teenagers and young adults. A young adult generally breathes 15 to 16 times a minute whereas a child breathes more than that. As kids take in more breaths than adults, they inhale more air filled with tobacco smoke. As a result, the lungs of the children receive a greater percentage of inhaled toxins than the adults. For more information on why youngsters smoke just read Why Youngsters Smoke?

The various harmful effects of smoking on kids are:
1) Babies whose mothers smoke are more likely to suffer from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
2) Babies whose mothers have a smoking habit are at increased risk of learning disabilities and they may even suffer from cerebral palsy.
3) The children with asthma my face worsened condition due to second hand smoke.
4) Children who are exposed to tobacco smoke have detectable levels of cotanine in their bloodstream.
5) Children are also more prone to suffer from respiratory heart diseases from second hand smoke.

So, its really essential for children to stop smoking if they are being active by employing various anti-smoking products, programs, stop smoking help and other ways for giving up the bad habit. Children should quit smoking in view of the various benefits that they are likely to derive after quitting which would allow them to lead their life in a better way. Therefore smoking cessation is essential in kids. Surely the importance of anti smoking and kids is well understood to you now.