Why Youngsters Smoke?

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Forget about the ancient myths, you shall be surprised to know about certain modern myths related to smoking, prevalent in this scientific age. Young smoker girls of 15 in UK, smoke because their assumption is that smoking aids dieting and it suppresses appetite!

According to one startling finding, more girls smoke than boys in the UK. The actual statistics state 1 in 4 girls as against 1 in 6 boys smoke when they are 15 in the United Kingdom.

Boys have different reasons to smoke. Their role models are their parents. If the father or the mother smokes, how can they prevent their son from smoking?

If you have an elder brother who is a cigarette-addict, the younger one will most probably follow the suit. And your friends have always been ?helpful? in taking you to the wrong track. The foes in the disguise of friends!

Tobacco advertisers do most of the damage and influence the young minds to take to smoking. They do it by appealing to the emotions of the younger generation. These advertisers have top sports persons and stars as their brand ambassadors. Children blindly follow the goody-goody things the sports person says about tobacco.

One in million of those young onlookers, may indeed turn out to be a national or international level star, but the rest end up in smoking only. And the one who has attained fame, has attained it not due to smoking, he has achieved it in spite of smoking! He may not be a smoker at all. He has carried out the advertising assignment for the sake of dollars only.

Pity the passive smokers and condemn the active smokers. The fault of the former category is that they are the children, brothers or sisters of the active smokers. Smokers can not escape the consequences of the dangerous nicotine. Why should it spare the young ones? Such youngsters suffer from wheeziness, shortness of breath, cough and phlegm. Smoking youngsters generally have poor attendance records. The passive smokers also suffer from the attacks of chronic respiratory bothers, asthma and pneumonia.

The ill effects of smoking have been highlighted, but the dangers of passive smoking are not taken that seriously. Infants and children suffer more. They have tender lungs and therefore, the dangers are also more. The question here is not whether the children actually smoke. The duration to which they are exposed to smoking environment is relevant.

Those who favor smoking know that they are on the losing side. It is just argument for the sake of argument. Whom do you like? Children with bright, sparkling teeth or the ones with yellow teeth, dotted with cavities? You start smoking, thinking that it is an easy game, but once you are in it, you know what it is. The quitting battle is very hard!