Beware! Smoking Can Rob You Of Your Facial Charm

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Internal health and external beauty are two sides of?the same coin. We get oxygen naturally through our breathing but smoking?results in inhaling of harmful carbon monoxide. Cigarettes not only?contain carbon monoxide but also contain poisonous gases like ammonia,?butane, nicotine, carbolic acid, formic aldehyde, prussic acid,?pyridine, parvoline, arsenic and cadmium. Carbon monoxide, the most?intoxicated gas mixes with the hemoglobin present in the blood. Our?blood cells absorb carbon monoxide gas much faster than oxygen. In this?way carbon monoxide displaces oxygen in large quantity depriving our?skin cells of their healthy life. Skin and smoking are inversely related?with each other.

Skin has its own repairing?system. Smoking destroys its natural system and results in premature?aging. At this stage skin loses its natural glow and charm and develops?a pale look.

These outcomes on the skin are catastrophic. Smoking?deprives skin of vitamin C which is an essential vitamin. Moreover it is?an unstable vitamin and cannot be produce by body. Vitamin C helps the?skin inn generating new healthy cells giving the skin a youthful look.?Breaking of the collagen results in wrinkles.