Effects Of Smoking

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Smoking causes many deadly diseases, harms nearly every organ of the body and reduces the overall health of the smoker. The many diseases caused by smoking are leukemia, stomach cancer, cataract, pancreatic cancer, cervical cancer, kidney cancer, pneumonia, and periodontitis. These diseases are the newest additions to the harmful effects of smoking. We are very much aware of the diseases caused by smoking, including bladder, laryngeal, lung, oral, and throat cancers; coronary heart and cardiovascular diseases; and chronic lung diseases.

However, the effects of smoking on different people are different. There are some general effects of smoking which affect human beings irrespective of their age and sex. They are discussed below:

1) One in every two lifetime smokers, dies from the habit of smoking. Most of these deaths occur in middle age.

2) Cigarette smoke includes nicotine and carbon monoxide among others harmful gases. The combination of these two will increase your blood pressure and heart rate, will strain your heart and blood vessels. This can cause heart attack and stroke which is deadly because it cuts off oxygen to your body parts. You may end up getting paralyzed or worse your limbs being amputated.

3) Smoking also contributes to a number of cancers. These can be lung cancer, stomach cancer, throat cancer, oral cancer and many more.

4) Carbon monoxide present in the cigarette smoke robs your body tissues, your muscles and your brain, of oxygen. This makes your body and heart work harder. Your airways will swell up over the time and less air will pass into your lungs.

5) Smoking is a slow way to die which leads to years of suffering. Emphysema is an illness that is caused by smoking. Emphysema rots your lungs slowly. People suffering from it suffer from bronchitis again and again which ultimately leads to lung and heart failure.

None of these effects can be termed as a good one. It's just the harm that is spread everywhere. So, why to undertake a habit that is so harmful? Just think over it!