How Does Smoking Effect Pregnant Women

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According to a report, nearly 1,70,000 women in USA die due to smoking and smoking related diseases. The decline in the smoking rates started in the 1950s and 60s but this trend stalled in the 1990s and there was a steep rise in smoking among teenage girls. The consequences of smoking among women especially among pregnant women have been tremendous. They are discussed in detail below:

1) Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Women who smoke during pregnancy expose their babies to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome as these babies are more likely to die from the harmful effects of smoking.

2) Stillbirth: Women who smoke during pregnancy increase the chances of the death of their babies during pregnancy itself.

3)?Low birth weight of the baby: Birth weight of the baby is an important factor for the future health of the baby. Low birth weight can lead to a great many complications. In fact, low birth weight is the main reason for pre-natal death (during the first month after the birth).

4) Colic: A baby born of a mother who used to smoke during pregnancy is more likely to have colic. Colic is often a condition of early infancy. Colic results in abdominal pain caused by spasm, obstruction, or distention of any of the hollow viscera, such as intestines.

5) Respiratory Infections: Your baby is more likely to have asthma and other respiratory diseases if you expose your babies to smoking or even secondhand smoke.

6) Placenta Abruption: This condition arises when the placenta pulls the walls of the uterus either before or during labor. This requires an immediate delivery usually through cesarean operation. A smoker's placenta is thinner making her more likely to have placenta abruption.

7) Premature birth: Smoking during pregnancy can lead to pre mature birth due to premature rupture of membranes. A pregnant smoker's body is more likely to end her pregnancy sooner in an effort to protect the baby from harmful smoke. Premature birth can lead to serious complications for the baby such as mental retardation and cerebral palsy.

8)?Miscarriage: A woman who smokes during pregnancy can have trouble staying pregnant. It may lead to miscarriage. It can also decrease your fertility.

Looking at all these deadly consequences you can well imagine the threats that a cigarette can pose to your joy of motherhood. Giving birth to a new life is the greatest bliss for a woman and if a cigarette can prove to be a hindrance then it is better to keep it at bay.