Quit smoking! Cure Eustachian Tube Dysfunctions

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When a person starts holding a cigarette in his hands, he is least thinking about the trouble he is inviting in his life. At that point of time, it is just a thing to stress him down or may be a fashion symbol for which he needs to pay later.

As it is a well established fact that smoking is cancerous, it could be harmful to you also in many ways. Cancer kills the total body of a person leading to death but many times due to smoking many other parts of the body could also be affected including impairment of his other body parts like ears which are particularly to be discussed at this point of time.

Risk of having ear infection is higher for smokers. To explain it biologically, Eustachian tube as the name suggests looks like a narrow tube which connects the middle part of the ear to the nasal cavity. Its function is to keep equal ear pressure between the eardrum and the outside atmosphere of the body. Any kinds of secretion which are formed in the middle part of the ear are transmitted to the nasal cavity via this tube between the ears and the nose. There are mucous membranes in the nasal passage, which suffer from swelling due to the tobacco that enters in the form of smoke leading to the fluid getting trapped in the middle ear which becomes a cause for its dysfunction. The Eustachian tube is most of the times in an open position and closes only when one yawns and swallows. Thus any kind of blockage in this tube could lead to the dysfunction of various important activities of a smoker?s body.

In order to make a smoker understand the hazards of smoking which can be more dangerous than one thinks of, it is necessary to create a proper awareness program. The dysfunction of the Eustachian tube could operate like slow poison in one?s body leading to death. Thus quitting smoking becomes a very important task for a smoker if he wishes to save himself from all these dreadful problems. He could take help of various aids available, with doctor?s recommendation according to his suitability.