Quit Smoking To Avoid Lung Cancer

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Amidst various other forms of cancer, lung cancer is the most common. In fact lung cancer has been responsible for a majority of deaths in both- males and females that have been caused due to cancer. While there are several factors that can cause lung cancer, smoking is the most prominent.

But, what is it that makes smoking so harmful for the body leading to fatal consequences such as lung cancer? Well, it is the chemicals present in cigarette smoke that lead to various health issue. Over 40 carcinogens have been identified in cigarette smoke. These carcinogens when inhaled cause abnormal cells to appear in the lining of the bronchi.

As you continue to smoke, these abnormal cells keep on increasing. This abnormal cell growth continues till the time a tumor begins to form inside your lungs. Besides, smoking also causes oxidative stress, inflammation, DNA damage, and initiates the growth of tumors. All of which contributes to lung cancer. Thus, for anyone who wants to avoid lung cancer giving up smoking is a must.

An astounding 90 % of deaths caused due to lung cancer are due to smoking. Smoking is directly related to cancer. The higher the number of cigarettes you smoke, the more likely you are to develop lung cancer. In fact, the habit is so risky for lung cancer that many people may develop the problem even several years after they have given up the habit. Thus, it is only wise to give up the habit as soon as possible to avoid the incidence of lung cancer.

The chances of developing lung cancer reduce considerably once you give up the habit. As you quit smoking, your body starts to recover from an unhealthy phase. The abnormal cells that are created as a result of smoking begin to be replaced by normal cells. If you quit the habit for at least the next ten years, then the risk is reduced by a minimum 50 %.

While active smoking is one of the root causes of lung cancer, passive smoking is no good either. Even if you had excessive exposure to second hand smoke, you may fall prey to lung cancer. This is because the carcinogens present in cigarette smoke can affect anyone and everyone when inhaled. However, the chances of developing lung cancer are much lesser as compared to people who are addicted to the habit.

If you do not want to die a painful death suffering from lung cancer, then it is in your best interest that you give up smoking as soon as people. Kick the butt so that you can live a healthy life and die a normal death too.