Smoking And The Resultant Complications

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Some of concrete truth about smoking and its co-related solution to the problem of excess of body weight; have look over myths and reality about smoking in the next paragraph.

A statistical observation by US centers for disease control and prevention points out that women are quitting smoking more in numbers than that of men. Data connected by the centers put down the percentage of women smokers to 20%even below than that in 2003 the figures of women smokers was only 19.2% compared to male smokers at 24.1%.

The opinion holds that exposure to cigarette smoking may cause damage to woman fertility. A study compiled about embryo quality and fertilization, divided into three groups. Says there was clear evidence of differences in the pregnancy rates per embryo transfer, it is around 48% with non smokers, the smokers around 19% and with the others 20%.

Smoking and impotence have practically no relationship. As of now it has been found that cigarette smoking invites innumerable deadly disease like lung cancer, heart disease emphysema, erectile dysfunction etc. the ill effects of smoking can affect the digestive system and may be the cause of human importance.

To generalize the facts quitting smoking will not lesson the importance. Men who have erection problem may try to create some improvement by quitting smoking.

But according to doctors once the spot is damaged it cannot be restored by quitting smoking. Since everybody is different it may improve or even may not improve. The whole world knows about Viagra for erection. For some owe it may not work, especially to heart patients Viagra strictly forbidden.

Quitting smoking is possible if you ready think on in twice looking at the reason below.

The factors that involve cancer risk.
Bad breath
Stained teeth and fingers
Cough sore throat.
Breathing problem
Arguments with friends or
Spouse who want stop you smoking
Heart disease risk
Gum disease etc.

Think if you are following a right pain.