Smoking Can Cause Genetic Problems

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Cigarette smoking has innumerable effects on health. It not only corrodes ones system from within but also shows its effects on the face of the smoker. It has been proven by a number of studies that the smokers age faster and it is quite visible from their appearance. But, over here we are concerned with the genetic changes that take place in humans as a result of smoking. Especially, the ones who are tempted to start smoking must look into it carefully.

It is researched that cigarette smoking causes genetic damage in minutes and not years. As soon as the smoke enters the lungs, it starts showing its ill effects on the genetic make-up of an individual. There are certain substances present in the tobacco that cause damage to the DNA which leads to cancer. It is a cruel reality that lung cancer takes about 3,000 lives world over each day and this is a result of cigarette smoking. It is said that just one cigarette takes away ten minutes of your life. On an average, smokers shorten their life by 23 years.

It does not end here, smoking is said to cause 18 various types of cancers. The polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or popularly called the PAHs that are present in the tobacco are known to cause the lung cancer. There is reliable evidence available to prove this fact. It was till now that researchers did not have the right explanation as to how the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons cause damage to the DNA in humans.

But, now it is clear that a PAH named phenanthrene that is present in cigarettes is responsible for the formation of a toxic substance in the blood that is known to trash the DNA. This phenomenon causes mutation to occur which may lead to cancer. The researchers have been surprised with the results they have seen. The deposition of this toxic substance in blood is as fast as it happens by injections into the bloodstream. It takes merely 15-30 minutes to get deposited in the blood. It definitely is alarming!

Therefore, if you are tempted to start smoking, it is a bad idea. You definitely do not wish to shorten your life span for a few puffs of smoke. And, for the ones who are already habitual smokers, it's never too late. Smoking also deprives your body of the required amount of oxygen and makes your muscles and your heart work harder. So, quit smoking for a better and a healthy life. It is the cigarette smoke that is the reason behind the aged look of yours. Forsake it for your own good and be a winner.