Smoking Health Away

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Every time you see your favorite actor light up a cigarette or a cigar and take a deep? puff; the fact that smoking is unhealthy is probably the last thing to cross your mind. Sure, it looks cool; it looks stylish and probably has a charm of its own.

Have you ever wondered if? inhaling from a rolled up piece of paper which contains some of the most harmful ingredients known to man is really worth the number of years, months, hours and minutes that will be? subtracted from your life?

Passive smokers are at much at risk as the ones who actually smoke. Whether it's your or another person?s lips inhaling the smoke does not really matter. The damage to the lungs and other parts of the body is just about the same.

The high holds well till the fag end- of the fag. And one more cigarette takes away eleven more minutes from your life.

You probably have been preached ad nauseum about the adverse effects of smoking and been asked to quit several times. You are probably aware about? of the strong link between lung and smoking as advertised by many a public service message on electronic media.

But apart from all that, do you have any idea as to what a cigarette really does to your health?

For starters, smoking kills about 114,000 people annually. This is higher? than the number of people dying of natural disasters or wars.

When you inhale cigarette smoke, the heat breaks down the tobacco producing toxins which are harmful to your body? lungs.

Substances used in cigarettes are known to be? toxic to our well being. Cigarette smoke has ingredients like tar which induces cancer, nicotine which increases cholesterol, carbon mono oxide which reduces oxygen to the body and other? gas and particulate matter which can cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. (COPD)

Contrary to popular reports more smokers die? of cardiovascular disease? than lung cancer The arteries harden over the years on account of smoking. Fat and? cholesterol are deposited in the interiors of the arteries, leaving them rigid, blocked and narrow. This obstructs blood flow and may lead to blood clots.

Other diseases include Cerebral Thrombosis where the vessels to your brain can get blocked and lead to collapse, stroke, or paralysis. In case vascular blood supply is blocked then kidney failure or? gangrene can take place.

And last but not the least, smoking affects our looks. A perfectly smooth face can become wrinkled within the course of a few short years because of smoking and gives the skin a grayish wasted pallor.

If you are not worried too much about your own health, then consider others around you. Children who grow up with a single or both parents who smoke are often? prone to asthma and asthmatic bronchitis. Infants under the age of two can suffer from severe respiratory infections or cot death.

So as suave and glamorous as it may look in your favorite action or thriller, smoking in real life is more of a horror story. The danger exists not only to you but also to the loved ones around you..

I am sure if you think about it you will realize that life is much more important than a two minute fix from a deadly paper roll.