Some Popular Smoking Myths

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The people, who smoke, often associate some or the other reasons to their habit. There are certain deadly myths regarding smoking prevalent among the advocates of smoking. As said they are myths and they surely need to be busted. Some of them are as follows:
1) Not to slow down: A myth among smokers is that smoking keeps them from slowing down. In fact, they claim that they get a lift from smoking. This is due to nicotine. When taken in small amount nicotine gives one, a feel of pleasure. However, in the long run the smoker will develop a lifelong dependence on nicotine.

2) It would not happen to me: Another myth among smokers is that the diseases associated with smoking could happen to anyone who may not even be a smoker. In other words, they take their chances. Anybody who thinks that he would be able to smoke without developing any deadly diseases, is living in illusions.

3) I am not hooked: Another myth regarding smoking is that most of the smokers start to smoke believing that they will be able to quit smoking whenever they want. But the fact is that it is actually the opposite that happens. Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs known to man and one of the most destructive substances in our society.

4) Quitting will lead to fatness: It is a proven fact that you will get fat after you quit. Generally females are more concerned about this factor than the males. But you must compare the costs with the benefits. Bad breath, smelly clothes, dry skin is much worst than a few extra pounds. Regarding the extra fat, you can shed it anytime you want, by doing exercises.

5) Light cigarettes would not hurt much: Another misconception regarding smoking is that light cigarettes would not hurt much. The smokers who use these light ones are under the impression that they are safe. But there is no such thing as a safe cigarette. The poisonous elements of a cigarette such as nicotine and tar are there in the light cigarette as well.

6) At least, I do not take drugs or get drunk: Another argument that the smokers give in their favor is that they do smoke but they do not take drugs or get drunk. But the fact is that a smoker is three times more likely to get drunk and a whooping twenty two times more likely to involve in cocaine abuse.

7) I have tried to quit, but I failed: Another serious myth regarding smoking is that a smoker who knows about the dangers of smoking if tries to quit, can not actually do so. The emphasis should be on that it is never too late too quit. And it is not a sign of weakness to take the help of patch to quit smoking. It only means that you are determined to quit smoking.

Myths blur the clarity and vision, weaken the determination and hence stall action. You need to come out of them to take a correct decision. If any of the above has been a part of your thought process, I would suggest you to review and rethink.