Stop Smoking To Save Your Gums

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Smoking is one habit that does no good. It weakens your immune system, causes respiratory problem and can have fatal consequences such as lung cancer. Gum diseases are yet another ill effect of this addictive habit. It is a proven fact that people who smoke for on a prolonged basis are bound to fall prey to some or the other kind of gum diseases. Let us know in greater detail how this habit can affect your gums.

Cigarette smoking can restrict the supply of oxygen to your gums. It can also constrict the blood vessels in the gums, which leads to inefficient distribution of nutrients in the area. This can lead to gum diseases. Further on, cigarette smoking weakens your immune system. As a result, the natural ability of the body to fight gum diseases is reduced. Also, people who smoke are more prone to attract bacteria that cause gum diseases.

Several studies and researches state that smoking is one of the most important causes of oral health diseases. It can lead to severe infection of the gums, which is also known as smokers gum diseases. People who smoke are more susceptible to developing gum diseases than those who do not. In fact, smokers are five times at a greater risk of developing gum diseases as compared to non smokers.

There are many people who suffer from receding gums as a result of constant smoking. Destruction of gum tissues, tartar formation, and loss of bones are some other adverse effects that you may have to deal with as a result of the habit.

Considering the numerous ill effects that smoking can have on your gums, it is in your best interest to give up the habit. You cannot treat your gums till the time you give up nicotine completely. Even if you are undertaking the best possible treatment for gum diseases, it wont work till the time you quit smoking.

Several experts and studies are also of the same opinion. Various researches prove that non smokers or people who have quit smoking respond better to treatment of gum diseases as compared to people who still continue to smoke. Thus, to save your gums, you must give up the habit in the first place.

Considering that smoking is an addictive habit, you might find it difficult to quit initially. But, you can take help of numerous cessation aids that are easily available in the market. In fact, there are several home remedies as well that can help you give up the habit. You may even consult a doctor if you want to get rid of the habit completely.

So, stop smoking and save your gums from damage.