The Danger of Secondhand Smoking

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Secondhand smoke, or passive smoking as it is commonly known, is as bad as direct smoking. In simple terms secondhand smoking can be defined as the act when a person inhales tobacco smoke from somebody else?s cigarette combustion. Secondhand smoking is also known by other names such as involuntary smoking and environmental tobacco smoking.

For long it was believed that secondhand smoking is not as harmful as direct smoking. But it is not so. Second hand smoking has as grave consequences as direct smoking. So if you are a secondhand smoker, there are chances that you may encounter lung cancer and several cardio vascular diseases in future.

Many reports of deaths have also been recorded due to secondhand smoking. Secondhand smoke is a complex mixture of gases and numerous particles that includes smoke from cigarette.

Who is at risk?
People around chain smokers are the most susceptible folks to secondhand smoking. With incessant smoking, smokers forget that they are survived by other people around them. They lend nicotine not only to the air in their lungs but also to the air around them. And the most important, secondhand smoke not only harms the people around the smoker but also the smoker itself.

Children are the most susceptible to the harmful effects of secondhand smoking. The reason being, their body is not equipped to fight back the toxic components.

Nicotine smoke in the air is invisible and odorless. Therefore at times it becomes difficult to realize that the air around you is full of the nicotine. Therefore, smoking in small, confined spaces is the most harmful as the smoke tends to accumulate in the close compartment, while cutting the supply of oxygen. Moreover, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide present in the smoke makes for a perfect recipe of death.

Research has brought out that second hand smoke has as many as 4,000 chemicals that are toxic in nature. It has 69 cancer triggering agents like arsenic, benzene and formaldehyde. Second hand smoke has also been known to cause as many deaths as direct smoking.

Secondhand smoking may damage almost all the organs of the body. Studies have brought out that secondhand smoking increases the risk of frequent blood clots as it makes the blood sticky in nature.

How to avoid the risk?
Thus it becomes important to avoid the after affects of secondhand smoking. If you have a smoker in your family then the best way is to suggest him to quit smoking. If this is not possible then suggest him to not smoke in the house. Ask him to smoke in open spaces where smoke can escape easily. The best way to avoid second hand smoke is to not to smoke in the house.