The ?So-Called? Pros and ?Actual? Cons of Smoking

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The perspective of a smoker and a non-smoker towards cigarettes is always different. While the former may find it all beneficial, the latter knows about its actual harmful effects. Therefore, it is very likely that smokers have their own listed advantages of smoking. So, let?s take a look at what are the pros of smoking as per the people addicted to this otherwise dangerous addiction.

* Most of the smokers believe that they feel a very strong bonding with other smokers.
* They enjoy a sense of gratification by smoking cigarettes.
* Smoking cigarettes gives them the feeling of creating a ritual.
* Nicotine gives a feeling of pleasure to them.
* Watching the smoke swirl and the cigarette burn is fun for most of the smokers.

For those who do not smoke these might sound like stupid reasons behind smoking because they are well aware of the cons of the habit which are as below:

* Cigarette smoke leaves an after smell on everything around you: your clothes, car and home.
* You may not be able to breathe properly.
* A nagging cough may bother you day and night.
* You may suffer from severe headaches and even occasional migraines.
* A feeling of dizziness after smoking cigarettes too fast or after having too many of them is very common.
* Cigarettes may leave you flaunting yellow skin, tooth and fingernails.
* You may have lot of phlegm, which may force you to clear your voice continuously and may even make you lose your voice in middle of a sentence.
* You may suffer from increased rate of hypertension.
* A feeling of inadequacy and substance dependence may take you over.
* Suffering from nausea after too much of smoking is common.
* You may feel anxiety and no relaxation throughout the day.
* You may lack motivation as well as the energy to do anything.
* The sense of smell and taste may diminish.
* Smoking is wastage of your hard earned money and health.
* You may also suffer from lingering colds and bronchitis.

Surely, the cons outnumber the pros and sound more sensible. And, they should provide you the reasons enough to leave this dangerous habit at the earliest! If you think that smoking has any sensible pros to its credit at all then you are sadly mistaken.