Here Is A List Of Stop Smoking Benefits

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God forbid, if you are sentenced for life-imprisonment, how would you feel on the day of your release from the jail? The happiness of quitting smoking for ever is no less than this. The day you shun smoking you are born again. To live life in the manner in which you should live like a man or woman. You are the divine creature ordained by God in this planet Earth to achieve higher goals!

I won't tell you to do the marble floor and thorough repaint of the house, the day you give up smoking, but do get your curtains and other furnishings laundered to get rid of that ancient Satanic smell.Your house is a rose garden now! Please acknowledge this cruel kindness on my part when I say that your drawing room is free from the burning smell. What a welcome liberation for you from that tobacco-binding!

They say, if you strike, strike hard and see that there is no need to strike again. You have done that to nicotine. You have routed it, rejected it and humbled it. Gone for ever!

How many Satanic beings were waiting at the door, to enter and ambush you! Lung cancer, breast cancer (in women), many types of heart diseases, outright heart attack- they all stand disappointed. They were readying to hook you. Snuff you out of existence.

Shall I now tell you the greatest benefit of stop smoking? Yes, I must say it. The benefit is you are still alive today to read this article.

Just wait and watch. How your stamina will improve and how your black lips will turn rosy again! And you will find that at the end of the month, you are saving a handsome amount! Utilize that money for healthy eats for your wife and children. How happy they will be! This additional entertainment is from the amount that otherwise would have gone in smoke coils!

If you have blood pressure, you will find it return to normal soon. Your pulse rate will be normal. You will develop taste and capacity for an entirely different smell!

In brief, it is like lifting of the Martial Law. You are a free, democratic citizen now!