Affect Of Smoking On The Foetus In Mother's Womb

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When you take a puff then the smoke that you inhale goes into your baby?s body. It affects his weight resulting into less resistant body. Smoking affects his height too. Such babies whose mothers had smoked during their pregnancies are generally short in height. This possibility is much less in case of the women who smoke a full pack during pregnancy. At this stage even no physician suggests to continue this habit. Baby?s body needs more supply of oxygen to survive in mother?s womb. Supply of nicotine deprives a baby to consume his share of oxygen. Such children are not able to adjust socially than children of non smoking mothers.

Studies show that possibility of infant morality is 50 percent higher when the mother smokes than in case of non -smoking mothers. Children of many smokers die of sudden infant death syndrome, or crib death. If pregnant women stop smoking by their fourth month of pregnancy then still they are out of danger zone.

Parenting is a tough job. If you do not sound well in your health then how will you be able to take care of your child? Most women suffer from lung cancer that is a deadly disease. A child always seeks for his mother?s shelter. If you want to be there all time for your child, then you need to stop smoking at once.

Passive smokers are more prone to the diseases than chain smokers are. This applies on children also. As a matter of fact, they are too sensitive to problems raised by the passive smoking.

By quitting the smoking you are rendering a new life to your child. You and your child both will enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Quitting smoking is not an easy thing to do for the usual smokers. But alternatives will certainly work for you. There are many support centers that can help you out. Just enroll yourself in them. You can see your health care provider for solutions and suggestions. Your one step to quitting the smoking will lead your unborn to the path of a safe child.