Lighting The Cigarette Again After You Quit

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There are so many people who want to give up smoking and some of them are even successful. But in most cases, people who quit smoking find themselves taking up the habit again after some time. There are a host of factors responsible for making one smoke after quitting. Let us take a look at some of them.

Being around smokers
If you are constantly around smokers, you are bound to feel deprived. This will only make you feel bad for yourself and as a result you might just get back to the habit again. Also, seeing others smoke tempts you even more to light up the cigarette.

Pressure situations
Many a times, people who have quit smoking feel the need to smoke in extreme pressure situations. This is because they are used to lighting up cigarettes in times of pressure. Try not to puff a cigarette in pressurizing situations and eventually you will be able to learn to cope with pressure without smoking.

Smoking cessation brings along irritability. Many people even have to deal with extreme mood swing in the process of giving up smoking. Since, they find it difficult to cope with the irritation around, they switch to the habit again.

When people quit smoking they find it difficult to sleep. This is primarily because their body is addicted to smoking. Frustrated due to lack of sleep, many people find themselves hooked to cigarettes again. If you too are sleep deprived, then you can try other methods to induce sleep such as meditation, yoga, reading books, listening to music and the like.

Weight gain
Most people who are trying to give up smoking tend to put on weight. This is because people tend to indulge in their comfort foods to get over the urge to smoke. This habit of comfort eating leads to weight gain over a period of time. But, you do not have to worry about extra pounds. You can lose that extra weight once you are able to get rid of the habit.

This is one of the most important factors why people tend to take up the habit even after they have quit it already. Since smoking is an addictive habit, former smokers are bound to crave for cigarettes. But, you have to know to suppress these cravings. Even the strongest of craving does not last beyond three minutes. So, you should know how to manage these cravings.

There are many more factors that may cause you to take up smoking again even after you have quit. But with sheer will and dedication, you will be able to overcome these factors and give up smoking forever.