Prevent Weight Gain When Quitting Smoking

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"Prevent weight gain when quitting smoking" is what many people are interested in knowing about. This term is searched many times on internet and people are not satisfied with the results. Read out this article to get complete information on "prevent weight gain when quitting smoking". For more information on quit smoking without gaining weight,read How To Stop Smoking Without Gaining Weight.

There are many people who are aware of ill effects of smoking cigarettes, but there is something that always stops them from quitting smoking. And that fear is the one of gaining weight. Just because of this fear, a person keeps on inhaling the smoke of these killer cigarettes.

Cigarette smoking helps to burn calories. A chain smoker will burn up to 200 calories in a day. This helps a person stay in shape. Other reason is that nicotine suppresses the appetite of the person. But, after smoking cessation, your appetite will increase and this will lead to weight gain.

To prevent weight gain when quitting smoking, it is advisable to do regular exercise and be careful about your diet. You should also avoid alcohol.

Make yourself think that weight gain can be controlled, but adverse effects of smoking can not be controlled. Use different ways to quit smoking. There are many treatments available like hypnotherapy and many other anti-smoking products and stop smoking aids that will surely help you in quitting smoking.