Frequently Asked Questions about How to Stop Smoking

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People who want to stop smoking have so many questions in their minds. Such questions need to be answered in a comprehensive manner so that any doubts about the dangers of smoking are completely removed from their minds. Some of the commonly asked questions about quitting smoking are given below.

Q1. I find it very hard to even think about giving up cigarette smoking. Why is it so hard?

A1. It is hard because of nicotine, an addictive substance in cigarette smoke. Your body may have become habituated to nicotine and when you make efforts at not smoking, its periodic craving for nicotine comes in the way.

Q2. So, does that mean I can never quit smoking, whereas I would very much like to do that?

A2. Unless you have only recently acquired the nicotine addiction your body's craving for it will make it extremely difficult for you to avoid nicotine intake altogether. However, you can still give up cigarette smoking.

Q3. I don't understand this answer. How is it possible to give up cigarette smoking when the nicotine craving will not allow that to happen?

A3. You can continue with nicotine intake in another form while not smoking cigarettes at all.

Q4. What is the advantage of continuing with nicotine intake in another form while not smoking cigarettes altogether? Will nicotine intake not harm my body?

A4. The basic advantage of giving up smoking is that there are many other substances in cigarette smoke that contribute towards lung or oral cancer, blood vessel ailments, or cardiovascular diseases. Nicotine addiction is not as harmful for your body as avoiding these other substances is for your survival. Moreover, when you take nicotine in another form, care is taken that the dose of nicotine in it is much less than in cigarette smoke.

Q5. I am very much encouraged to give up smoking with this answer. Are there any precautions to take while continuing nicotine intake in another form?

A5. The important precaution to take is to go for nicotine medium that contains a comparably smaller dose of nicotine in it. Otherwise, your nicotine addiction will increase to very heavy proportions and will become virtually uncontrollable.

Q6. But if I go in for a lower dose of nicotine will my body not start craving for it again much earlier than when I go in for a larger dose?

A6. Yes, that is bound to happen. However, this is where your mental strength needs to step in and you need to fight against the craving for a longer period every time you feel the urge to take another dose. Without your mental strength, it will be an uphill battle against nicotine addiction.

Q7. What steps can I take so that I can tolerate nicotine craving for a longer period?

A7. You need to divert your mind's attention towards thoughts and activities that otherwise interests you specifically. You can fight the urge by playing a game you like or solving a puzzle. You can even go for a long walk or exercise.