Quit Smoking ? Cold Turkey or NRT Which Is Best?

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You can either quit smoking by using nicotine replacement therapy or drop the habit, cold turkey. Both these methods have their own merits. You can select the method which suits you the best.

Cold Turkey

This is a popular method to quit smoking. This is a colloquial phrase which in the given context means to stop smoking abruptly without any gradual reduction. When you stop all of a sudden, your system is bound to get a sharp jolt as the supply of Nicotine to your system stops suddenly.  This method does not have a high success rate. This is on account of the withdrawal symptoms and the body?s inability to cope with them

Many people quickly revert back to smoking. This method works only for people with strong will power. In this method, severe withdrawal symptoms last only for a week. This method removes all nicotine from the system in a month.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

It gives you a nicotine fix without the harmful smoke. Research says that nicotine in its pure form  is healthy. Only when it is delivered with tobacco smoke, does it prove to be harmful. Nicotine withdrawal causes lack of concentration, stress, tiredness and nausea. These feelings are very intense. Since NRT delivers nicotine in various forms to the body, the withdrawal symptoms are reduced considerably. NRT provides relief for the symptoms. Nicotine therapy is also done in public places where smoking is banned. The various NRT options are nicotine gum, patches and inhalers.

Benefits of nicotine outside smoking
Nicotine improves our mood and concentration level. Nicotine also improves memory. Nicotine is a topic of intense medical research. It treats problems like depression, Parkinson?s and Alzheimer disease. Nicotine is healthy and non toxic in its pure organic form. Nicotine actually forms a part of the natural food chain. Nicotine is present in vegetables, bell papers, chilly and tea.

RT doubles your chances of success. Nicotine delivery in controlled forms actually helps you to avoid smoking. The only issue with NRT is that possible are chances of conversion of our addiction from one form to another.

Smoking is a curse. Millions are suffering from it. Research around globe is going on to find a complete cure. Youth have to be advised about its adverse effects.

A lot has to be done before this evil with its accompanying social and economic costs can be contained.